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Great video showing an authentic Sheep Wagon

Our Production Model Sheep Wagon in Denver 2019

Authentic Sheep Wagons Handcrafted in Wyoming

Sheep Camp Living


 Sheep wagons  epitomize the West.  Invented in Rawlins, Wyoming in 1884 by a black smith named James Candlish, they served as home and haven for the men  and women who followed the vast herds of sheep on the ranges of the  West.

Sheep camps are off the grid. Owners  do not have to worry about zoning restrictions or RV license, license  plates, building permits, or building a foundation – the list goes on.  And because it’s not a permanent structure, there is no tax bill either.  

Sheep camps are a great solution for  property owners looking to offer a turnkey lodging option for campers,  hunters, fishers, or even city folk looking for a western glamping  adventure. 

Award-Winning Design


 Hamilton Forge’s Sheep Camp is the proud Winner of the 2015 Wyoming State Fair Open Division Championship and Best of Show.

Hamilton Forge’s designs stay true to the original rustic experience  of sheep camp lodging, while utilizing modern materials and technology  to ensure durability.

The excellence in design can be found in practical, thoughtful  details like aircraft grade aluminum, spray insulation, and a  purpose-built camp stove.

This camp also offers a frame-insulated design allowing the use of an  electric fencer as a bear deterrent – giving your guests peace of mind.



Built in Wyoming by a modern day blacksmith, Les Hamilton, no stone  was left unturned in the creation of this one-of-a-kind sheep camp.  The  camp itself is made from light, welded, square tubing, covered all  around with an aluminum shell which is adhered with VHB aircraft tape  and spray insulated. It is sealed on open corners and wheel wells with  reflex lining used on modern truck beds.  The interior is all oak wood,  designed for functionality and beauty.

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